Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Quick Check Before the Weather Changes Again

Ed and I took a walk around in the garden this afternoon.  The snow is gone in some places and we wanted to see what there was to be seen.  We had a brief discussion over this rather large pile of wildlife pellets.  I thought bunny berries, but Ed said deer because of the sheer number present.

Right next to said pile you will find what is left of my grape hyacinths.  Ed wins this one.  The rough edges are definitely made by deer.  Bunnies leave a less ragged more professional looking diagonal cut.  We thought of putting a cage over the hyacinths after the leaves have been stolen, but found the nearby cages were still frozen to the ground.  There's not much left to nip off right now anyway.

We were delighted to find some new growth on this  chrysanthemum.   Snow cover is usually better that the freeze thaw we have been getting, but the plants frequently come through for us anyway.

This cardinal flower looks very good at this point.  We can never have too many of these!

The Cambodian Queen chrysanthemums definitely have nice green growth at the base.  We will likely find new growth appear at a great distance from the base of this plant.  These really like to run.

This bedstraw is just about actual size.  Bedstraw was  planted here by the farmer before us when our garden area was a meadow.  It's fine where Ed mows, but not in the garden beds.  If the ground had been thawed I would have been delighted to pull this weed.  It will only get bigger with each passing day.  Not to worry,  I know where this one is rooted and it is on my hit list.  I just have to wait a little longer.

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