Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waiting For Sandy

We got a brief glimpse of the sun through the mist this morning.  It was just enough to help us remember that sunshine does happen here. In spite of the overcast skies, it was really quite pleasant outside.  I took the camera when Amy and I walked down the lane to put a letter in the mailbox.  We found this beautiful assassin bug posed for a picture on the railing when we returned.

Later in the day I was delighted to see a small group of bluebirds inspecting the nest boxes that are visible from my kitchen window.  Nothing brightens a day in the garden more than getting a glimpse of the iridescent blue of those amazing birds.  Perhaps they were just passing through, checking out the accommodations for next spring or  maybe they were looking for a dry spot to wait out the storm.  They are always more than  welcome here.  On my second trip down the hill to fetch the mail something small brown and wiggly crossed in front of my feet.  I guess my first thought was a worm because the shriek that usually comes when I see a snake didn't happen.  It was a small brown snake barely 5 inches long.  It would be a much colder day than this one before I would pick up a snake.  However, this baby was so small I felt he deserved a chance to grow up so I walked carefully behind him until he crossed the driveway and found the safety of the grass.   The driveway is a place where you can get run over.  There is a flattened wooley bear caterpillar out there right now that proves my point.

This view of the garden facing the western horizon was my last picture today.   A few cool raindrops landed on the back of my neck reminding me that it was time to head inside.  I'm sure more rain is coming, but really I don't mind waiting.


PlantPostings said...

Thinking about you all as Hurricane Sandy approaches. I hope it will mainly benefit you with some rain and no damage. Lucky you to have Bluebirds! We've been noticing some interesting migrating birds this year--ones that we haven't noticed before. Stay safe and warm!

Kim and Victoria said...

Beautiful pictures. Great post. Your header picture is amazing. Just lovely.