Saturday, October 13, 2012

Frosty October Morning

You have to get outside early to catch the beauty of the first hard frost.  With a starry sky and night temperatures in the twenties, everything looks crusted with white.

This sedum close to the house, near the stored heat of a stone wall got just a touch of frost.

The taller hens and chicks  got a little bit more.

In the garden frosted flowers have cold lacy edges.

They look so perfect.  It's hard to think that some of them have received a deadly chill.

Red blueberry leaves  look nice with their frosted edges.

Ed braved the cold to get these great pictures.  There so many lacy crystals on this plant that I can't tell what it is.

Even the stones got touched by the frost.  It all looks so beautiful, but when the sun comes up death will visit the garden.


petka said...

Magic! I like frost - in the fall :-)

DeVona said...

Exquisite photos!

Indie said...

Wow, so beautiful!