Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Frosty Morning, Cool Afternoon

This morning was 21 degrees and with frost to boot.  It's been very hard to think kindly of the month of April this year.  It has been too cold and too dry.  Finally this afternoon we got a chance to work in the garden in comfort.  With the danger of freezing temperatures gone, Ed was able to leave some of the plants out on the wall instead of taking them back inside.   Better than that, we actually felt comfortable planting some plants in the garden.  A pretty blue primrose and 3 merry bells, Uvularia grandifolia were added to the shade garden.

In a bold move Ed removed the Russian Sage from the center bed of the stone square and replaced it with Foxtail Lilies, Eremurus.  If they do well they should be striking.  Time will tell.  Ed drove off to the back with his new tractor and used the new mower for the first time.  He sure was smiling when he waved  at me from the ridge on his return.  Peas that were planted weeks ago have finally broken through the surface.

We are both tired and perhaps a bit sore tonight, but this afternoon in the garden was fabulous.  We will sleep well tonight.  If we get the rain overnight that was promised, today will have gone from miserable to perfect.  How cool is that?


Andy said...

I really appreciate your zeal for planting ..

petka said...

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