Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally Some April Rain

Severe weather was forecast for last night.  Heavy rain could fall to our east and significant snow to our west.  The tarp was put on the lily sod house as a precaution that, as it turned out, was unnecessary.    Since Ed waited until the rain actually started to haul out the tarp, he worked alone to cover the lilies.  A concern was expressed that the water filled juice bottles holding down the tarp might wind up on top of the precious lilies.  That is exactly what happened.

It seems that enough water was trapped in a low area of the tarp to pull the tarp and its weights down onto the lilies.  New Pandora bulbs were just beginning to show above ground growth when the sky fell upon them.  Pot rims provided sufficient support for the tarp and no damage was actually done to the new growth.  Once again dumb luck trumps skill.  Ed is not  a slow learner so a new tarp holding system is in the works.

This area of the shade garden looks rather impressive.  Transplanted bluets have made themselves at home here and several newly seeded clumps are growing strongly.  Many sprinkler cans full of water were carried here to help these plants through our April drought.  Elsewhere the garden went dust dry but the shade garden was kept moist.

This fringed polygala was an early concern.  Normally its evergreen rose colored leaves survive winter.  Following this year's snow less winter,  no trace of this plant could be found.  All of its leaves were gone.  Thin dark purple stems wound among the leaf litter and I watered what appeared to be dead sticks.  Daily inspections of this treasured plant found little change.  Finally some vertical shoots appeared.  It looks like this transplanted native is a go for its third year in its new home.  Natural rainfall should move it along nicely.

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Mary Pellerito said...

I found that it takes 3 years for a transplanted garden to start filling in and looking robust. The great thing about posting these photos is that you will have a before and after shot.