Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Enough Snow

We awoke this morning to watch the  moon rise over a white coated garden.  It's amazing how fast the moon pops up above the horizon.  This morning there was just enough snow for tracking.  It appears that these tracks were made by something that wanders off a straight line like a weasel.  In fact these tracks were made by me.  Honestly, I just don't know how a fox walks so straight.

Here we have some more interesting tracks. I was puzzled,  but Ed told me they were made by the brush he had been dragging behind him.  These tracks turn into the area where we have our campfires.

We have been waiting for a day with some snow cover and calm winds to build a fire.  This morning was perfect.  We have been collecting  a bucket of onions and garlic infested with black mold and pink root rot.  Here in NY burning of that sort of thing is allowed.  It made for interesting smelling smoke.  Both of us are smelling pretty woodsy with just a touch of onion and garlic.  It's not a smell that washes right off.

This stack of wood has been around for awhile.  The wood rots from the outside in.   I couldn't resist taking a picture of that log with a complete circle of fungus.  This afternoon the snow is gone and rain is predicted.  Timing is everything and this morning we had just enough snow to get some burning done.  Wood ashes will be screened and added to compost for plants that need a special something.


tangled stitch said...

Great post Becky. Loved seeing the tracks and I bet you smell quite tasty. Hope you are well!

laveta'splace said...

Just enough snow to make some interesting and puzzling tracks. How nice. I like the logs. Look like they have been there for a while.

PlantPostings said...

You had me chuckling over the various tracks! I enjoy those days when we have just a touch of snow to brighten things up--but not enough to cause transportation problems. I love the photo of the wood pile!

Donna said...

It does sound like an interesting smell...we have restrictions where we are with what we can seems county to county..

Hummingbird Hill said...

Hi i am new to your blog - you guys are my type of people!
I live in the southtowns, and would love to connect with other gardeners and naturalists in this area. Can't get enough information about all things outdoors!
I am also an artist who would love to participate in more garden shows and sales. ~BYK from Hummingbird Hill

Hummingbird Hill said...

I just discovered your blog today, you sound like my type of person.
Only grey skies here in Concord NY!
I like your photos, and stone walls!