Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome Snow !

Now this is more like the way a garden should look in Upstate New York in January. With today's cold chill and even colder forecast, a white blanket of snow on the garden is a welcome sight. The quick drop in temperature that takes plants in the garden from the forties down to the teens with zero wind chills is like a fast drop in an express elevator, a little sickening.  At least now the plants have some protection from the coming bitter cold.

Ed spent the late morning and early afternoon outside in the swirling white. Like a kid off from school on a snow day, he was very late coming back inside for lunch. He was having too much fun to notice the time.  The Japanese honeysuckle were twisting easily from the ground.  Frost has firmed the soil then left it a muddy mess many times in December.  Today it was easy to pull the invasive shrubs from the ground.  Now there is a walking path along side of the fallen stone wall that is a property line.  My guess is that Ed will set this wall right.

The beautiful white snow brings with it some challenges. Travel can be complicated. The driveway has to be cleared and walkways shoveled.  This cold snap will make the driveway hard. Perhaps tomorrow even more snow will be added. Ed has his snow blower ready. This big kid still loves to play in the snow only now his toys are a bit larger.  I am encouraged.  Maybe, if we are very lucky, 2012 will be a little bit more normal.

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