Friday, September 30, 2011

Wild Asters and Butterflies

All we need is a little sun and newly hatched Monarchs head for the asters as soon as they can fly.
These white asters are wild and self seeded in the garden. We did not plant them.

The New England asters are wild too, but we did plant these. The bright purple flowers  are a favorite and we encourage them by placing them in the planting beds.

We were very close to home when we drove by patches of New England asters that were covered with bright yellow butterflies. Even on a fast drive by the sight was impressive. It made such an impact on us that Becky grabbed the camera and drove back to try for a picture. Just stopping the car made some of the butterflies leave, but she managed to capture seven.

Here just two butterflies remain and they left right after the camera snapped. You can tell this picture was not taken at the Stone Wall Garden. Becky would never allow a ragweed plant to reach that size at home.


Lyn said...

Love that Monarch on the purple asters, Ed. Great colour combination for the garden!

Indie said...

Wow, beautiful!! I need some of those in my garden!

Donna said...

Wonderful pics that look like my meadow although I have only seen the monarchs on mine. The butterflies are lovely...My asters are surrounded by wild goldenrod. I have a more controlled variety in the garden that is gorgeous....