Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unusual Sights in the Stone Wall Garden

This is not a place where mushrooms and fungi usually flourish. Normally it's too dry and well drained. The bright orange  texture of this unknown fungus really got my attention.

I thought for sure by this time the nasturtiums would have turned to slime. They  look and taste fantastic right now. Perhaps the slime will come on the weekend. Today it is warm and we are expecting, what else but rain.

Early this morning Canada geese flew low over the high meadow. They are working on their formations. This afternoon a dark phase marsh hawk flew by my living room window low enough so that I could clearly see its distinctive white rump patch . The cinnamon colored bird was either a female or an immature.  Most of the time we only get to see the underside of these birds.

We planted filberts in 1998. Finally this year, it has quite a few of these . Now  rain and lightning has started up. There's nothing unusual about that, but three moon flowers are opening in the rain. The big white flowers can be seen from inside the house even on this dark rainy night.

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