Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pull Some Anthers

I really have to marvel at the size, number, and beauty of the Simplon lilies this year. Standing taller than me, 5' 4", and with stems more than an inch thick, they are a sight to behold. Ed has been carefully removing the anthers keeping the fragrant white flowers pristine and pure. Since we have no plans to grow lilies from seed there's no reason not to have the blooms the way Ed prefers them. The bees can find pollen elsewhere.  Two daughter plants are growing near the base of these giants.  We will likely lift the new bulbs this fall.  Given the size of the parent plants, we will have to find a way to provide frost protection where they are.  Perhaps I can stitch a custom tarp that will ease right down over the wire cage.

There's no need to remove the anthers on the Stargazer lily. With all that bright pink color and all those spots a little pollen would never be noticed here. These lilies also possess a wonderful fragrance. It's nice to have blossoms from this one. Cold has nipped Stargazer in the bud for several years in a row.


These Turk's cap lilies were a gift from Janet and Jane. I'm not sure how many years they have been in our garden, but up till now we have never had flowers. One year an orphaned fawn bit off the bud cluster then spat it on the ground. Other years the lilies were content to produce black bulbils. I just love the way the flower petals curl back and let it all hang out. Pollen would have to go against gravity to fall on these petals. Blooming beautifully like this for days, these lilies have been a real treat, definitely worth the wait.  These three mark the end of our lily season.  All things considered, we have had a great lily display.

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