Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Of The Assorted Lilies

This morning at what was first light for us, Becky was looking out over our garden when she spotted a group of Baltimore Orioles flitting about the garden.  Not all of our scented flower buds were protected by bird netting so some were at risk.  Experience has shown us that these nectar sippers can destroy a set of lily buds in a heart beat.  I raced outside in my skivs stopping only long enough to slip on my green rubber garden shoes.  Whether the marauding  birds found my appearance frightening or funny is unknown but they left the garden at least for the day.   The newly opened lily shown here was for the moment safe.

Three years ago I purchased a three bulb lily assortment.  The catalog offerings of named varieties left me unable to chose just one so I went for the assortment.  No catalog claim was made that the assortment would include only the named varieties but that was my expectation.  Two of the bulbs turned out to be an unnamed orange spotted scentless lily.  It is hardy and prolific and I am pleased that it grows here.  The identity of the third bulb remained a mystery.  Past frost damage prevented flowers from forming and foliage growth was minimal.  It surprised us with its appearance this year.  Three buds formed and developed on a strong stem.  Stargazer is likely the identity of this lily.

Stargazer was the first lily purchased here.  Knowing little about protecting young growth, we lost these flowers after one season.  Now Stargazer has returned here and we will see if we can keep alive  for a few seasons.


gardenwalkgardentalk.com said...

I have Baltimore Orioles and lilies and never knew they went after the lilies. I will have to keep my eye out for this.

PlantPostings said...

I'm very jealous. The rabbits eat my Stargazer--I really need to move it because it is so beautiful. And it has an interesting musky scent, too.