Monday, August 1, 2011

Holy Potato Batman ! Who Lives In that Cave?

With the lack of rain the  potato vines have died down and Ed is digging the potatoes. Most of them are small.  I don't think this one is over two inches long. Some of them have have holes and if you look closely you can see this hole is not vacant.The cave owner is peeking out.

When I went in the house to get the camera I also got a knife to get a better look inside this potato cave. I wanted to see what made the unwelcome hole in my nice new potato. As you can see there are two tiny worms.  Isn't it interesting that this red potato has turned the cave walls red ?

Both worms wandered out into view. Just my luck when I sliced the potato I missed them both. When you grow vegetables without chemicals you have to expect this sort of thing. We will watch for holes and dispose of the wormy potatoes. They will not store anyway. I have to admit these tiny worms are gross! I think I would prefer they be bigger so I could be sure to see them. I'll certainly  be wearing my glasses to cook the potatoes.


Anonymous said...

We do need more rain. We get it in such bursts that it is not as helpful as it could be. I don't grow potatoes yet. They seem to have a lot of potential issues. Potato bug, worms, and whatever else. Thanks for sharing so I can learn.

Erin said...

I love it!!! Put your glasses on to cook potatoes. I am 55 and keep two pairs at the store, one in the back, one in front...and I have a pair setting by my chair where I am now on my ipad. I really do wear them when i cook now. Aging is not for sissys.