Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tomato Target Practice

After the late blight  tomato disaster last  year, Ed decided to go with indeterminate tomatoes. He vowed to keep the suckers cut off, to keep them tied up to their poles, to keep them mulched and to make sure they had plenty of air circulation. He has done that.  We have some truly good looking tomatoes in the garden. Early in the morning I watch  birds in the garden sitting on the tall tomato poles. Birds just love to  look down on the garden from the highest point they can find. I was particularly thrilled to watch bluebirds sitting  atop the posts. I would see three or perhaps four birds at one time perched above Ed's tomatoes.

Close inspection reveals that the birds are doing more than just sitting there and enjoying the view.
If the birds are trying to bombard the tomatoes, it looks like their aim is pretty darn good. Not every drop results in  a bulls eye though. Sometimes they hit the foliage. From the look of target range the birds are feasting on berries. Shades of red and blue are visible as well as the white. How patriotic! We were not counting on this aerial bombardment. It never crossed our mind. Forget that idealic image of a warm sunripened tomato eaten out of hand in the garden. Organic or not I think I'll wash my tomatoes before I eat them.


Kim and Victoria said...

Well, at least you're seeing bluebirds. Yeah, your tomatoes will need washing. Ha.

Matt S. said...

I'm so jealous of your plot! Congratulations, I know you'll enjoy harvest time.