Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blueberries Bounce Back

A little rain, warmer temperatures and sunshine released the blueberry bushes from their heavy coat of snow. It's amazing that they can be bent so low and bounce right back like nothing happened at all. Flexibility is really an asset. It makes sense that these "wild" blueberries would be able to deal with the snow. Sometimes we forget that in the not so distant past more winter snow was the norm here.

Ed had occasion today to dig through eighteen inches of snow exposing the ground below. He was pleased to discover that there was no frost in the ground now. Our snow cover has been continuous since December and the frost was well into the ground when the snow came. Under the insulating blanket of thick snow cover, the warmth of mother earth worked its way to the surface. Our perennial plants should have had an easy winter under these conditions. Now we are really impatient waiting for the snow to leave so that we can have a look at our plants.


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I think we're getting more snow than in the past. I remember frost going down a couple of feet, the last couple of years - no frost.