Thursday, January 6, 2011

Revealing Snow

The garden has turned cold. Our new snow cover is soft and fluffy. With no wind, it fell lightly on everything revealing the texture underneath like a clingy dress on a supermodel. The snow covering the patio stones is flat. Every red creeping thyme plant can be seen even though covered with white. The grass has an interesting white surface that would look just like lawn were it green. The whole effect is quite beautiful.

It was from the bedroom,  against this backdrop of white that  I saw the fox.  He was just on the edge of the wooded area on the steep bank at the far side of the garden . I watched as he disappeared under a pine tree. Seconds later Ed's sharp eyes found him again.  He was near the top of the slope and again disappeared from sight.  Thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to get a picture of absolutely, no doubt, guaranteed fox footprints, we decided to don our winter gear, and make our own  tracks through the snow. I was sure it would be easy to find fox tracks.  After all I saw where he had been.

Having arrived at the scene we discovered quite a few tracks in the fluffy snow.  Most of them were too indistinct to tell what animal made them.  So here you have an almost absolutely, no doubt, guaranteed fox footprint. He was there, and the most important thing is that we got to see him.


Sheila said...

Nice! But it looks cold!

Meredehuit ♥ said...

So nice to see a post about snow rather than a countdown to Spring. Our Winter gardens may not be so colorful, but there is beauty to be seen. I hope you see your fox again!

birdfeeder734 said...

I was walking the dogs when I saw my first fox, a red girl with a bushy tail.

Appalachian Feet said...

Well that's one way to definitely identify a snow track! I rarely see foxes, though I know they're around (and rarely have more than mud to see the footprints in, too).