Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Sparkling Morning Following a Day of Silent Snow

Yesterday's snow came from the west. Without the wind of a lake effect storm, the snow fell quietly. A muffled silence came with that kind of snow. Soft snow covered every hard surface, absorbing noise and producing a white and peaceful stillness that is nothing short of incredible.

Today, with nothing but  blue skies, the morning sun glinted off the tiny snowflakes making the white, snow covered garden sparkle like it had been sprinkled with thousands of tiny  iridescent  diamonds.  I could hardly wait to get outside with my camera to capture the moment. After sweeping aside  the dry fluffy snow to get a place to walk, I took pictures in every direction to no avail. The glinting reflection that my eyes can see is nothing to my digital camera, but  the beauty of the white  trees against the blue sky is apparent.

A close look at the dead stalks of the golden glows and a locust branch, makes me question whether the trees are covered with snow or frost. I purchased A Gardener's Guide to Frost by Philip Harnden hoping to gain some understanding of the subject. I learned a lot, but I still don't completely get it. When the garden is as beautiful as it is today, what else really matters?

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