Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dividing the Tuberose

I had been waiting for the tuberose to die back, but it just wasn't happening. Last fall, Ed stuck the whole clump into a huge pot so that the flowers could finish blooming inside away from killing frost. Since the flower stalks died back the tuberose leaves  have been looking worse and worse. In all the years I've had the bulbs, they have never had a rest. I boldly decided to cut the plant back and put it in the dark. When I checked on it, I found  the bulbs were growing in spite of the darkness.

Here was a chance to play in the dirt. Ed divided the tightly crowded bulbs.
Separating  the tightly packed bulbs took some serious effort. In 2008 we purchased five bulbs.  Three of these grew and finally flowered.  Now there are considerably more. It's quite amazing considering this Mexican plant resides in upstate New York.

 This piece has one of the dead flower stalks still attached.  I have read that this bulb is finished and that it will not grow again.  Never fully trusting what we read, one of these has been planted.  It is most likely that it will not grow.

Now there are three pots of tuberose. This one is in the basement. Another is on the landing of the stairway. The third is in a dark closet. None of these places are warm enough to make this plant really happy.

The remaining bulbs that have roots are also in the closet in the dark . Having been put down for a winter's nap. They better rest!  Hopefully, either the stored bulbs or the potted bulbs will provide next year's tuberose.

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MA said...

WIth all that tender care, I am sure they will grow! Good luck.