Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Walk in the Back Woods

A bedrock ridge lies along the southern edge of our place. Here large chunks of lumpy sedimentary rock litter the ground. Year round springs abound, but their water quickly disappears into deep glacial gravel deposits. Hemlock trees are plentiful here, but their allotted time may be cut short. Shallow roots in response to abundant moisture, and flat stone barriers make trees here prone to be wind thrown. The force needed to throw this tree and raise its roots held by rocks is large. Gravity will drop these rocks back to the ground as the roots of the tree rot. Mentally this area has been marked as hazardous, but there in the issue of what I might do with these huge flat stones. Conventional wisdom says to leave them alone.

The same might be said for the remarkable yellow fungus growing on this tree. Despite my best efforts I can't identify this ruffled, brightly colored, soft looking fungus.That doesn't make it any less intriguing.

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PlantPostings said...

That is a fascinating fungus! Have you found out what it is? I like your descriptions of your wooded lot.