Sunday, January 23, 2011

Return to the Scene of the Crime

Morning coffee and viewing the garden go together for me. I counted four crows in the shade garden tree. The next time I looked only one bird was in the vicinity of the bird feeder. The garden was completely free of other birds except for the little chickadees in the bushes on the far side of the stone square.

How I wished this bird would turn around so I could get a look at his chest. I had no such luck. I managed to snap only 3 pictures and those without opening the window. Whether he felt he was being watched or got tired of waiting for breakfast, the result was the same. He flew across the garden and into the trees. With the light of the sun coming up he was invisible , although I'm almost positive he was still sitting there.

Through the binoculars a white edge is prominent on the bird's striped tail but exact identification in the subdued morning light and at this distance is impossible. Still I suspect a northern harrier. All our evidence is circumstantial anyway. We have remains, motive , opportunity, and MO. Nature makes the rules here so the suspect is still free as a bird!

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Sylvia said...

Did you hear about the Cooper's Hawk that has been flying around the domed ceiling of the reading room at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC? They have hired an "expert" to try to trap him/her. They had pictures of the hawk flying across the painted mural in the ceiling on the news!