Friday, January 21, 2011

A Little More Snow

This morning there was a muffled silence in the garden. A fresh new layer of fluffy white had fallen during the night. Ed started his day here at the basement door , shoveling his way out of the house. He worked his way over to the shed to get out his tractor.  The snowy silence was replaced with the sound of  snow removal. The driveway was waiting!  We were lucky, the snow was not so deep that Ed couldn't use his tractor. We were even more lucky that Ed (the neighbor) showed up with his quad to help. I really tried to get a picture of the two friends playing in the snow with their men's toys. But Ed ( the neighbor) was too fast, I was never able to get both of them framed  in a picture at the same time.

It's important to get the snow pushed back while it is light and fluffy. We have much more snow than we did last year. It just doesn't feel like the kind of January thaw that we had last year will happen this year . The idea of being snowbound here with Ed is a wonderfully  romantic notion, but keeping access to the outside world is prudent.

Later in the day , the sun  has come out.  The wind has come up and is blowing the snow off the trees. Plumes of snow drift up the hidden valley along the ridge. Even with the sun shining, snow blows by the window making it look like a white out snowstorm. The wind has its own fun playing with  fluffy snow, moving it where it will.

 Digging out for today had almost been finished, the car is free, but Ed's truck is still  covered with snow. The garden's blanket of snow has gotten  thick. Perhaps there is more to come.

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WiseAcre said...

You definitely have more snow than I. There's only about 6 inches here.