Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Pet Peppermint Pelargonium

There is nothing quite like a scented geranium for a plant to use as a pet substitute. It has all the advantages. It's soft fuzzy leaves are pretty close to fur. It doesn't purr, but it does release a wonderful scent when it is stroked and as a nice thank you when it is watered. Occasional watering and removal of any less than great looking leaves is all the care required. No litter box or walks outside in the snow are needed. It stays where it is put and never hides under the bed or chews your shoes. This peppermint geranium is a descendant of the one I purchased at Caprilands in 1993.

Snow still falls on the garden outside the window. We are inside surrounded by garden catalogs, but the one we want at the moment has not yet arrived. We order our onion plants from Dixondale Farms. This year their catalogs were lost in the mail. I can get pretty impatient waiting, so I went to their website and downloaded this years' order form. Tomorrow I will call and get that onion order done by phone. Perhaps then the catalog will finally arrive in the mail. We have had such great results growing onions from plants. Braids of onions still hang in the basement for winter use even though the weather here this summer was less then perfect for great onion growth. Our Walla Wallas were a wash out. This year, I think we'll get the Copras, Red Zeppelins, Sterlings and Red Marble Cippolinis.

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Kim and Victoria said...

I do like a nice scented pelargonium and peppermint sounds perfect.