Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Day in the Garden

This morning it was obvious that today was going to be all about snow. The garden is covered. Even the sun is nearly obliterated by the falling snow. I wanted to get a picture before Ed headed out to fill the bird feeders. They were all nearly empty.

I checked out the bedroom window that overlooks the ramp from the basement. I saw a gray junco feeding on the anise hyssop seed heads, but he flew away as soon as I opened the window to take my picture. Darn it!  It looks like Ed has some shoveling to do to get out of the house. Fortunately the  snow is light and fluffy.

While watching the birds at the sunflower feeder, I saw  a gray junco disappear into hole in the snow. I waited, but I never did see the bird reappear. Curious, I watched for several minutes . The red squirrel's head popped out of that  hole.  He disappeared then popped up in another spot. It was comical to watch that little red head pop up and then disappear again. What interesting way to travel about the garden, popping up along the route to see exactly where you are and where you are going. Without actually seeing this , I would never have figured out the reason for all those holes all over the garden.

The red squirrels have made  quite an extensive subway system throughout the garden. There are exit holes at the wall and at all of the bird feeders.   Apparently the little birds make use of it too. If the wind picks up the whole system will be erased. Perhaps it will be a calm night!


PlantPostings said...

Becky: I can relate. Snow, snow, and more snow. Time for warm fires, hot chocolate, and seed catalogs! Beth

Bindhu Unny said...

Snow! It's so beautiful! But it must be difficult to handle it, right?

Becky said...

We need snow plows, shovels, winter tires , heavy coats , mittens and boots. Time is needed to move the snow out of our way. Blizzards can be very dangerous,making travel impossible. But snow is normal here and we need the water for the garden just like you need the monsoons.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love the ideal of all those tunnels.

Sarah Knight said...

We got snow here as well too. I can often be seen standing be the window imploring it to just "stop, already."
Oh, some day my lottos numbers will come up and I'll be looking for a place in the South... someday.

I'm sure the birds appreciate the food :D