Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things I Could Have Learned In School

Yesterday was another day of single digit F temperatures. The frozen vapor rising from the remaining open water of the nearby Unadilla River dusted the trees and plants with white. This may be our miniature version of lake effect snow. Near the center of the photo is a branch hanging near the surface of the water. It carries a heavy load of ice that must be some combination of frozen vapor and splashed liquid water.

The Locust tree in the shade garden was coated with frozen vapor even though we are up the hill from the river. Today is still cold with snow in the air. I've been doing a little reading in the White Flower Farm catalog. It has fantastic pictures of perfect plant specimums, all listed by their Latin name. I love a catalog that uses the Latin names of plants. You know exactly what plant you are planning to purchase. There is something more. Printed under the Latin is the phonetic spelling of the word. Thymus (tie'mus), thyme (time) should be an easy one, but I have always said the Latin wrong. After so many years of wrong, I wonder if I can get it right? When I was younger and could learn things so easily, I though French sounded so much more interesting than Latin. I chose chemistry instead of botany. Actually a typing course would have been a great idea too. Who knew? But this is today so I will keep on trying. In the meantime the truth is I only speak Latin well enough to get my face slapped. Hmm...Liatris( lye-at"-riss)


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Becky I love White Flower Farm. Their plants are always well established when you receive them unlike some other nurseries.

nancybond said...

I bookmarked a great site that pronounces those unpronounceable Latin names by audio.


I've gone to this site many times and embarrassed myself. I remember when I first learned that Kalanchoe (kal-en-koe'-ee) was *not* pronounced ka-lan'-chow! Duh. :) At least I can laugh about it now.

patty craft said...

oh, we've all mispronounced those Latin names (and I often still do! :-). The weather folk are predicting near-40 degrees for us today in the Ohio River valley...if it gets there it will feel like a heat wave!