Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peeking Out Of The Snow

Today was sunny, blue sky day without frigid temperatures. A month past the solstice the sun is getting strong. My footprints in the garden were added to those of the critters. I was searching for some sign of green peeking out of the snow. The green I found was the Egyptian onions waiting there for spring. I love this plant. I'll have these "spring onions" to use very early without doing a thing. Their growth habit is so interesting that they are visually pleasing as well. While they do spread, they do it at a walk so I wouldn't call them invasive.

Even more stones are peeking out of the snow. The receding snow pack is obvious on the top of the wall. Even on the stone path, the power of the sun can be seen. Ice remains where the sunbeams cannot yet reach the path, but the sunny side of the path is clear.

I bought my first carrots from the store today. The carrots from the garden are gone. This will happen more and more as spring approaches. I really should check to see which of my garden goodies remain. I get really used to having what I need to cook tucked away in the freezer or hanging in the basement. Ed's heat mat and seedling trays have arrived. No doubt about it, the garden is heating up, if only a little.


Daphne said...

I bought my first carrots from the store this week too. It was very sad. I still have a bit of frozen carrots, but very little.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

We have those wild onions I call them coming up every year in a small section of the yard. It is wonderful to see the thaw and the snow retreating.