Monday, January 25, 2010

Overnight Thaw

Yesterday the garden was white with snow. What started out as a chilly, below freezing morning turned out to be a day of rising temperatures and brisk winds. By afternoon a slow melting process had begun. But during the night it rained, and rained hard. The slow melt quickly turned into a fast thaw.

Today with almost constant rain, and the temperatures in the low fifties, most of the snow in the garden is gone. Only spots where the snow had drifted, or been piled up are still left to melt. Water from the melted snow added to the rain runs off into the river. The Unadilla is high , but still in its banks where it belongs. Water has collected in all the low places in the farmers' frozen fields. This is quite normal and expected here. Most years we have a thaw in January followed by a quick return to winter. It would be really nice if the rain stops. Time is needed for the water move downstream to avoid flooding, and I would love a chance to walk in the garden, and see what's been going on out there under the snow.

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