Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garden Visitors

On a beautiful sunny day like this , the garden draws visitors, even me! I put on my boots, and trudged through the snow to see what I could find. It was warm enough for me to stand still long enough to get a picture of this Chickadee. I don't have a long lens, so this kind of shot requires patience on my part, and impatience on the part of the bird. I won this time. I never tire of hearing the flutter of the wings of these tiny, brave, little birds. The foot traffic in the area of the shade garden is heavy. There are so many prints in the snow that it would take a far better tracker than me to figure it out. I can identify bird tracks, and some Ed tracks. Of course I have proof of the birds, and Ed fills the feeder. The rest are a jumble.

The air temperature is not above freezing today, but the sunshine is having its effect. The snow on top of the stone wall is shrinking to the North. It can't stand up to the direct sunlight. If we get a few days like this in a row, the snow on top of the stone wall will be gone, even though it refreezes every night. Hope is alive for the perfect January thaw. One where the roads and driveway melt enough to be clear, but the snow remains on the garden plants to protect them from the next deep freeze. Today is a great start!

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