Saturday, November 7, 2009

Starry Night, Frosty Morning, Blue Sky Day

When the night is clear, and you wake up to all white world outside the window, you know it's not snow. This morning the garden was covered in frost, the hard killing kind. Our first sunny day in ages started off cold, but Ed wasted little time in getting out there. One of the garden tasks that has been waiting a long time for a nice day, is the burning of the tomato, potato and squash vines along with the garlic stalks and any garlic with visible mold. Hardly a chore, tending this kind of a fire is fun. Any boy will tell you that. So Ed has been out there enjoying the sunshine and tending his fire. When he came in for lunch he carried the aroma of an over smoked salami.Wow!

These Emperor of China chrysanthemums , tucked tightly against the stone wall escaped last night's frost. The warmth retained by the stones was just enough to keep them safe.

Blossoms on the same plant just a short distance away got burned with the cold frost's touch. Now the temperature is beginning to drop, and another sunny day is promised tomorrow. Two sunny days in a row for this year is a real garden event.

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azplantlady said...

Sounds like a beautiful, crisp day :)