Friday, November 20, 2009

Path Growth

Overnight heavy rain limited the plausible choices for outside activity today. Moving stone is a good choice when the garden soil is too wet to work. In my haste to get this path started I violated Rule 1 and left a pile of scrap stone nearby. Today some of that stone was moved to its final position. Some of it was added to the path. Some of it was moved to the gravel bank. The path has grown to a configuration where walking on it is possible.

The area between the path and the lawn will change into a planting bed. More bed , less lawn and more plants and stones in the garden is the plan. Squares of sod will be cut, removed and stacked. Given time to work, sod changes into the best soil here. Stone will be raked out and planting holes will be filled with screened soil. One lesson learned is to leave unamended soil for native plants. New England Asters that were placed in richly amended soil grew to freakish proportions this year. Huge flower heads sat atop stalks devoid of green leaves. This was definitely not the effect we were hoping for. Next spring, divisions will be placed in poor soil. We hope this will result in more normal appearing plants.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Becky I had to laugh about the asters .. I think that is so true of a lot of the plants that are suddenly enriched with soil too good ? for them ? LOL .. it happens with ornamental grasses a lot too.
Looks like it is going to be very nice with the plan for the path !

Gail said...

Your stone work is spectacular! The freakish tall aster look only works on the non-native Tatarian Asters! In too amended soil many wild flowers lie down on the job! gail