Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Harvest

Today was a typical November day. Freezing temperatures overnight were followed by moderate temperatures during the day. It was day for layers not just shirtsleeves in the garden. Kale is at its best right now, so making Portuguese kale soup seemed perfect for this weather. The onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes and kale all came from our garden. Only the veggie Italian sausage, tomatoes and kidney beans came from the store.

The lettuce that remains in the garden has turned bitter from the repeated freezing. I'm still too cheap to buy poor quality lettuce from the store, but some arugula that came up from self seeding was terrific on our lunchtime sandwiches.

Ed spent the afternoon preparing more of the garden beds for spring. Tiny weed removal and another top dressing of compost has the beds ready for winter. Many of the areas he worked on yesterday showed lots of critter activity. Footprints and places where digging had been done just add more evidence to the faint aroma in the air last night that skunks were out looking for a midnight snack in the soft garden soil. Ed put the fences back up on the beds he worked on today in the hope that they will still be intact in the morning.

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Joyce said...

Hi Becky, I saw your message and have no idea what that flower is. When it came to my inbox it was called a pincushion but after doing some research that is not a pincushion. It looks like Arizona type mountains in the background to me so I am thinking it is a flower/weed in that zone.

It was 72 in Ohio today. Too hot for this time of year.