Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lichen Stones

This lichen covered stone rests atop one of Ed's stone walls. Stones seem so hard, so permanent. Water wears away stones over time, I realize that. This makes sense, but it's hard to imagine that lichens are eating the stones, slowly digesting them into soil. It's a funny idea plants eating stones. It seems like something out of Star Trek. Even if that is what is going on, I love the frosted effect they add to the top of a wall.

I don't know much about lichens. I look at this stone with wonder. There's so much going on here. Overall black coloring, round dark gray spots, tiny little white spots, and lacy lichens cover the surface of this stone. Perhaps I will be able to just enjoy the textural beauty of this stone, or maybe curiosity will send me searching for a book to find out more.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Becky, I am a lichen fan too and I have "spots" of it growing on my driftwood in the garden .. I love it because it means conditions in the garden are just right for it and it has a beautiful naturalizing look to it all .. the bit about eating away at the stone is amazing isn't it ?
Joy : )