Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Green Patch On The Sod Pile

Ed and I were standing inside the kitchen door looking outside, when a beautiful green patch of plants caught my eye. They were some distance away, growing on top of Ed's sod pile. We had a discussion about just what the gorgeous green patch might be. Back when bees were discovered to be nesting near the compost pile, I placed some seed pods and seeds on the top of Ed's sod instead of getting close to the compost pile. I avoid bees in any kind of numbers because I seem to have an invisible sign on me that says STING ME. Some would say it happens because I'm afraid of being stung , and I am, but I get stung when I don't even see or hear a bee. I just don't push it. Based on what I had left there, I thought the green patch might be arugula. Ed though it might be flax. The arugula seeds were from the garden. The flax seeds came from cleaning out the chest freezer. They were old, purchased from the health food store several years ago. The green patch turned out to be arugula. It's a nice surprise and will make a delightful if unexpected November salad.

But when I got close enough to take a picture , I discovered that Ed was also right. I'm pretty sure that the pale green plants next to the clover and grass are indeed annual flax. Of course it's doubtful these particular plants will survive for long, but perhaps more of those seeds will wait till spring and come up then. One should never underestimate the power of a seed. I would be very happy with a patch of arugula and beautiful blue flax on the top of the sod pile in the spring.

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JGH said...

Hi Becky - how lucky to get some "surprise" arugula! and flax! I'd love to try harvesting some flax seeds since they're supposed to be so healthy. Hope you keep safe from the bees.
Happy Thanksgiving!