Monday, November 2, 2009


It's sunny and a perfect November day for being outside. Ed is out there working on the ditch alongside the driveway. It's time for that here. We often stop on our way when we are going somewhere to wait for the county crews of 4 or 5 men with their big machines. We wait our turn and then drive on the shoulder to get by their huge equipment. They too are making the ditches ready for the snow that is on the horizon. If the current moisture pattern continues, it's hard to imagine how much snow they need to make room for.

Here at the Stone Wall Garden , Ed works alone with only his John Deere and hand tools. The truth is Ed loves to dig. He always has. He likes the physical effort, and thrill of changing the landscape. Sometimes he unearths a nice wall stone . It's not gold perhaps, but it's treasure to him just the same. The goal of all this effort is to have the water run alongside, instead of washing down, the driveway. He'll come in tired but happy when it starts to get dark, which is now well before 6:00. What a gorgeous day!

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azplantlady said...

I think that there is a unique relationship between man and the soil. So, instead of tilling the earth to plant crops, your husband is able to ensure that our driveway stays clear throughout the winter :)