Monday, July 20, 2009

You're Outta Here!

These days I feel like I should be wearing a striped shirt and a whistle, before I go out to the garden. With all this rain, and now some sun, the plants are pushing and shoving each other and fighting amongst themselves. It's not just the weeds either, although the grasses, purslane, woody nightshade, French weed ... are everywhere just waiting to be pulled.Those decisions are easy. Those plants have to go, they don't belong in the garden.

Much more difficult choices must be made. Plants that I love like these pink poppies are growing out of bounds. Looking all pink and pretty, they completely obliterated the butterfly bushes. "You're outta here, Buddy!" I though to myself as I pulled up a large and gorgeous poppy plant. The compost is burgeoning with the weight of these plants. I can't help thinking of the tiny poppy seed that produced these huge plants, as I trudge over to the compost with my arms full of poppies that are nearly as tall as I am.

At the end of the contest, I'm pleased with the results.Now the lavender can breathe. The butterfly bushes are no longer planted in the shade. The Clara Curtis chrysanthemum will have a chance to show off its beautiful shape and gorgeous pink flowers. I wonder if poppy petals make good mulch?

Tired, I've hung up my whistle for now, but the plant pushing and shoving continues.I'll need to get back out there and soon!


Janet said...

Love those poppies even though they are crowding the lavender! I would be harvesting those seeds. Nice ruffly bloom!

Rosey Pollen said...

Sometimes it is difficult to yank plants! But we have to let our favorites take precedence. I still thought those poppies were nice though, but you have to let those butterfly bushes shine!
Nice results!

Autumn Belle said...

The poppies come in beautiful shades of pink. Will lovely in a vase too.