Monday, July 6, 2009

Thyme To Cut Back

When your thyme plants look like this it's time to cut them back. This plant still has a few flowers, but most of them have gone to seed. This is a nice, relatively new, red creeping thyme plant. It's out by itself and not mixed with the woolly , lemon and wild thyme.I have places where the cuttings go to the compost because the thymes are all mixed together. It's hard enough to separate the types without planting them that way.

Instead of putting all these red creeping thyme seeds in the compost, I spread them on the areas of the newly renovated patio where I want this particular thyme to grow. Any new seedlings that come up in the spring will be a welcome sight!


Helen said...

Good strategy with the deadheading/ seeding. I'll try that with my alpine alchemilla.

Janet said...

Good thinking, hopefully you will get some seed germination.