Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great Photo Ops

This is a nice picture of my drumstick alliums. New this year, they have been flowering for several weeks . Long bloom time, great color,interesting shape and they come up from a bulb. I'm in love!

The photo op I would have liked to have, but missed, happened yesterday. Ed and I were coming home, and when we crossed the river bridge he thought he saw a white heron. Prince Charming that he is he turned around and went back so I could see. I saw it, but then as I watched another large white bird appeared near the opposite river bank. We watched for some time finally seeing two more slightly smaller, more slender birds. It looked like a family of four. These birds were not white herons which are a variation of the Great Blue Heron seen only in Florida, but Common Egrets. To me they were anything but common. How often does one get to see four of these huge white statuesque birds with their long legs and long necks. I guess I might have seen them before from far off and wondered what the large white bird might be, but this up close opportunity to see them was a first. It was thrilling and totally uncommon!

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