Monday, July 13, 2009

Evening Smoke

With the setting sun the smoke bush takes on a glowing quality that is amazing to see. Unfortunately my camera frequently does not see things the way I do. The reflection of the setting sun off the pink plumes makes them glow. I know I should reshape this bush. However, I spend happy time watching the birds, and they love to sit on that very top branch and revel in their superiority. It's the highest perch in the garden. If I cut it off their game would not be so fascinating to watch.

A closer view of the plumes shows how the puffs of "smoke" really look. It's interesting that the camera picks up streaks of color from the sunlight against the pines, but the rosy glow I was hoping to capture just isn't there. I have a little of Monet's eye, but none of his talent. Look for a smoke bush just before sunset. It's an awesome effect.

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