Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blueberry Blues

Every year at this time Ed picks the wild high bush blueberries that grow here, and I freeze them to enjoy all winter. Last year was a very good year.We have some berries left over from 2008. We need them! If you look you can find some blueberries in this picture. Usually Ed only has to pick them. Finding them is not the issue. I suspect it's the June 1 frost that played a major role in their scarcity. Time to face facts. Today I stopped by the local supermarket and bought some blueberries imported from New Jersey to put in the freezer. They won't be the same of course, but they will have to do.

This morning we pulled the vines of first two plantings of peas. With all this wet weather,they were spotty and yucky. Intensive garden planting is great. It cuts down on weeding,and you can plant a lot in less space, but with the plants so close together, when something goes wrong it can be a disaster. We have enjoyed fresh snow peas, and I did get to freeze some shelled peas to enjoy this winter. One planting still remains and is doing better. The staggered planting times made a big difference in the peas' performance this year. With plantings two weeks apart , the first was fair, the second pathetic, and the jury is still out on the third.

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Anonymous said...

The Wild Blueberry Capital of Canada is about an hour's drive from where I live so we're fortunate to be able to buy wild berries, as well as those that are commercially grown. There's nothing any nicer any time of year.