Thursday, December 4, 2008


This section of new stone wall is to define a raised shade garden under the locust tree. Careful planning determined the height of the wall on the sloping lawn. A place for us to sit was the plan. The locust tree is the only tree in the former pasture that now is our lawn. Where else could we hang the bird feeders? The tree provides cover for the birds in the summer. Its perches function year round. For our seat perhaps portable cushions will secure a clean location. We will not want to sit here for long periods of time. When we approach the birds fly away. In time they return.


Anonymous said...

Someone has a lovely signature. ;) I'm intrigued by the "mortar" between the stones -- is that a loose sand, or is it mixed with some sort of mortar? Just looks beautiful.

Becky said...

The mortar between the stones is wet sand from our gravel bank. It has been screened for size. One of the mysteries here is that only wet sand can be compressed. How it stays packed when it dries is the mystery. The sand eliminates the wobbles and excludes the critters but does nothing about the splats.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, what's a few splats among friends? :) Thanks for the explanation - it must be because it's so uniform in size that it looks so nice. See? All that sifting WAS worth it!