Friday, December 26, 2008

A Perfect White Christmas

The perfect white Christmas was ours this year. We had enough snow to keep the garden covered, but the rain cleared the paths, driveway, and roads to make the gathering of the family a joy. It was wonderful to be together. Great food, and gifts from those you love just add to the delightful day!

Garden related gifts add to the promise of spring. A new compost bucket graces my kitchen counter. I love it already. A new garden marker for writing plant names on stones will soon find a place in my garden cart. It’s time I cleaned it out to get ready for spring anyway. Bonnie gave me a ceramic tile that reads, "Leave a path in the garden so the angels can walk through.“ In the spring it will hang along a path in the garden.

Santa was kind enough to leave Ed some new rubberized garden gloves and a new pair of safety glasses. The safety glasses are great! I know that because somehow the first pair ended up in my garden cart! Now Ed has his.

Amy gave Ed a wonderful new stone book. This is a considerable feat since he has quite a collection. It is a gorgeous book by Dan Snow called "In The Company Of Stone: The Art of the Stone Wall." What a inspirational book it is! Now ’tis the season for garden books, seed catalogs and big plans for next spring. It’s one of the great things about having a garden here in upstate New York. While the plants are resting we have time to do a little garden dreaming and planning.


Karen said...

Glad you had a good holiday! Here in Seattle the snow kind of closed things down a bit. But, we will celebrate the 12 days of Xmas instead of piling it all into one this year, I guess. Happy eventual gardening with all your nifty new gifts.

Gail said...

It sounds like you've had a good Christmas and Santa was generous, too. The stone book sounds lovely. I can see the value of the snow blanket on a garden...we rarely get snow in our zone 6B/7A garden so we leave the leaves in place...not as pretty as a blanket of snow! Have a lovely weekend and a great New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Your white Christmas does sound and look just about perfect!

tina said...

It looks wonderful, great on the new book. I bet Ed is busy reading or has finished it already.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Sounds as if Santa was nice to everyone:) I wish I could come up and take a few of those stones off your hands! They are expensive down this way! Merry Christmas! Jan