Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Lamb 's Ear

Lamb's ear is a lovely plant. Its leaves are gray and softly fuzzy, a real delight to the senses. The flowers are nice too, lavender, borne on fuzzy square stems. Bees love it, it smells nice, and it's very nice as a dried flower. However, this adorable little plant is growing in a patio that is planned to be planted with red creeping thyme.

That changes everything. Any plant growing where it does not belong is a weed! Now I have a bit of trouble sticking to this conviction, but if one wants a neat, well tended garden it's a necessary attitude to cultivate. So when I get out there with my tools, the lamb's ear will have to go.

It may go to into a pot for a friend, or it may get planted elsewhere, or it could end up in the compost to be recycled into something else. But right now, it's cute isn't it?

1 comment:

purltoo said...

Obviously you weren't listening to the little boy in "Undertaking Betty" when he told her what constituted a weed! Not the composte, pleeeze, not the compost!