Sunday, February 26, 2012

First and Last Snowy Weekend in February

It's last weekend in February and the view out the living room window is  snowy and white. Most of the snow fell Friday night. We didn't get a lot of snow. I suppose there might be four inches. It's hard to be sure because the howling wind blew the snow around all day on Saturday. Swirls of snow danced along the ridge. Some places are barely covered with snow. The grass can be seen poking through its surface. In other places the snow is drifted deeper. This morning  it is sunny with blue skies, but cold. By 2:30 the bright sun has already melted much of the snow. Tomorrow promises above freezing temperatures. It's likely that this first February snow to last through a day will be gone very soon.

This weekend is more like the winter garden scene we are used to having. Last year on February 26, we had lots of snow.

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Yolland amothersbrokenheart said...

Thank God for the beautiful winter
for a change I cant chovel snow anymore. leap year has an extra day , so lets give some extra love away today have a lovely spirng winter day