Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And an Award Goes to...

I want to thank Donna from Garden's Eye View for the Blogger Versatility Award. Coming from her it means so much. Even though Donna and I have not actually met we faithfully read each others blogs and have exchanged snail mail. She has some of  my Mom's iris.  Great gardening friendships have been built on a lot less.

Next I need to share 7 things about myself.
1. I'm not a Master Gardener. I garden for the fun of it by trial and error.
2. I never learned to type properly. Who knew a keyboard would become so important?
3. For the first two years I blogged using dial up. My computer is faster now, but I'm not.
4. I love watching wildlife in the garden. Sometimes I'm glad it's from the safety of the house.
5. I love fragrant flowers and plants, and  stones, perhaps too much.
6. If a plant attracts  butterflies, hummingbird moths, hummingbirds and bees, it attracts me.
7. I can only write when I have something I want to say. Give me a deadline and I can't write a word!

I'm listing fifteen blogs that I would love to give an award.  However, I have no idea how to connect all this. When I first started my blog it had to be really basic to work. Now I like it that way. If you are interested in how this award works you'll need to double back to Donna's blog.

1. Sunita, The Urban Gardener, provides a visit to a garden in tropical India.
2. Linda, Farmhouse Greetings, writes about her terrific artwork, her garden and more.
3. Petka, Dedeckove zahrada (Grandfather's Garden), is writing about restoring her grandfather's          garden.            
4. Wiseacre Gardens is full of interesting photos of often unnoticed things and is so funny. I hold out hope that new posts will appear someday.
5. Christine, The Last Frontier Garden makes gardening in Alaska sound fun funny.
6. Ann, Camera Tales and Camera Trails takes wonderful wildlife pictures .
7. Kathy, The Violet Fern, has a garden that deserves a visit.
8. Jim, The Art of Gardening, is all about gardening in Buffalo and more.
9. Daphne, Daphne's Dandelions, reveals her love gardening as she writes about her garden
10. Lyn, The Amateur Weeder, writes about gardening in South Africa.
11. Nancy, All Nature, My Garden is a beautiful nature blog.
12. Liz, Gwirrel's Garden, is my choice for an English garden to visit.
13. Laveta, Laveta's Place is a blog with a great  new photo every day from Colorado.
14. Chris, Outside Clyde is fun to read and will keep you up to date on Asheville Fling.
15. Erin, Urban Organic Gardening in Sidney, read my whole blog from the beginning in about a week. That certainly deserves  an award!

The list of garden blogs that I try to read when I can is much longer than this. Making this list was harder than choosing up teams for dodge ball.  All I need to do now is visit all 15 blogs and leave a comment. Of course I'll have to do some reading while I'm there.


petka said...

Dear Becky, it's very, very nice :-) I am surprised! Tomorrow is the end of school holidays and I'll have a lot of time (I am teacher). I will read the whole text and its details. View all blogs. Tomorrow also see my mom and dad - mom and dad will be surprised that some people in America know our garden :-)

JCharlier said...

Thank you for the mention Becky!

Dana said...

Congratulations Becky! Your blog is very interesting and I enjoy reading your stories.

Christine B. said...

Ah, yes. Blogging by dial up, I remember it well. Fits and starts puctuated by hollering and a vow never to turn the computer on again. It's a wonder I was able to blog as long as I did that way.

I can't write unless the inspiration hits, either. My (perhaps unwise) attempts at pushing throught the block have resulted in posts on bathrobes, politicians, ugly boots, and other witless rubbish.

Thanks for the award!

Christine in Alaska
Last Frontier Gardener

laveta'splace said...

Becky, thanks for the mention of my blog. I'm a new blogger with a lot to learn. But I will. That is so great about sharing your bulbs with other. There are so many out there, I'm having a hard time deciding which I like the best. Not enough time in a day to read them all! I've only had broadband for a year. Can't imagine trying to blog with dial-up. I'm really enjoying your site.

Daphne Gould said...

Thanks so much Becky.

DeVona said...

Thank you, Becky! I look forward to visiting the blogs you mentioned! I love the Nature tales and trails blog, also, and have been following it since you mentioned it in one of your earliest blogs! I also follow her daughter's quilting blog, Quietly Quilting....

I owe the source of one of my greatest satisfactions to you (as I've often told you) - thank you so much for introducing me to GreenPrints so many years ago!

WiseAcre said...

Thanks Becky.

I don't do awards but I do appreciate the mention. Due to illness I've been neglecting my blog, staring at 4 walls is not very inspirational :)

I'm feeling better now. You hanging in there waiting for my return is far more therapeutic than any Award. I'll be posting again soon.

Kathy said...

Thank you Becky, I am truly flattered that you nominated me for this award. I love stones. I collect rocks wherever I go. I love to visit your garden. I think you've mastered it.