Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back In The Woods

The pile of waste stone in the back of Ed's truck has been growing. Whenever he works on a new bed he gets lots of stones. This afternoon we drove up the lane to the back woods. Ed spread the waste stones in the lane where they will do some good.

While he was working I took a short walk with the camera. It's amazing what goes on in the woods when no one is watching. This broken tree has a very sculptural quality.I used to think of the trees in the woods as steady, permanent. Now I know change is constant in the woods. This interesting arrangement was build by gravity, decay, and the winds. I can only imagine how the forked branch landed in such a way as to hang there like it does. I think being in the woods when this happened would have been quite scary!

The blossoms on the red maple trees are completely open, a full 10 days ahead of last year. Their red color is evident when you look at the hills. Very soon the blossoms will litter the forest floor, and the trees will begin to leaf out.


Liz said...

Tell me about finding stones in borders! Handy though, especially if you have a clear use for them elsewhere, not so handy though when you continuously hit them with your spade/fork and then have a battle to get them out!

wiseacre said...

Just think what the original homesteaders had to pick when they cleared the land.

I'll have to check the 'swamp' maples for blossoms. They deserve a good macro photo. I had one last year but never got around to posting it.

Gail said...

Yesterday I heard the squeak of a ripping branch~~The power of gravity is amazing. The maple blooms are gorgeous...don't they just pop against a blue sky! gail

Anonymous said...

Becky, I love to walk those woodsy roads, too, and am always rejuvenated by what I see. That maple is gorgeous -- we're a good two weeks, possibly 3 ahead of usual this year, too.