Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Caged Flowers

Perhaps it's unfair to keep these lovely daffodils in a cage. In truth if they were planted by themselves things would be fine, but the lilies that are planted with them are too much of a temptation for the garden critters to leave them unprotected. Since the weather has cooled these flowers should last for awhile. At the moment we are back to the kind of April weather we are accustomed to, and that includes a probable frost tonight. The Johnny Jump Ups will bloom on no matter what. They make a great addition to our spring salads. The benefits of the garden have started: fresh peppermint and spearmint for tea, Egyptian onions for scallions, chives, chervil, lovage for seasoning. One parsley plant seems to have survived the winter. Ed has planted out spinach and lettuce plants. There is much to be done, but every day in the spring garden brings new rewards.


wiseacre said...

I've quit growing day lilies since they're much to tempting to the deer. Since they're about the only green around early in the season the deer keep coming back to nibble them to the ground. Later in the season the flower buds become their favorite munchie.

I wish I could fence in the deer like goats and wrap them in chicken wire.

Taylor said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post, Becky! It's good to be back :)

Northern Shade said...

You couldn't pack any more daffodil blooms into that space. It's very cheery and makes a great show. My garden froze at the early crocus stage from the cold, but now as it warms up, the rest of the bulbs are catching up.