Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Firsts of April

It was a great day for working in the garden. Ed spent nearly the entire day out there from this morning , before the valley fog burned off, until time for dinner. I joined him after lunch. I'm a bit puzzled by this cute little plant nestled so close to my round lobed hepatica.Whatever it is it can't stay there, but is it a weed that should be composted or something cool that I don't know about? I could stick it in a pot, but I hate potting up weeds.

This is the first day back for the tree swallows. They wasted no time camping out in some of the nest boxes. It's also the first day that I caught a glimpse of a butterfly . It was orange and moving very fast. I had no chance for correct identification. We haven't seen many honey bees, but did manage to catch one in this crocus. The temperature went over 70 today. It's the first day I got overheated in the garden, and headed for the shade to work. I'm a pale person and I wilt quickly in full sun.

I had to include a picture of the snow drops and blue dwarf iris. They are incredibly beautiful, but like me they will wilt quickly in these warmer temperatures. It's always hard to say goodbye to these magnificent early spring blooms. Tomorrow's temperature is forecast to hit 80 degrees. We may watch these flowers melt. Their early bright color is truly special.

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Joyce said...

I love the flowers. Such beauty after quite a winter. Happy Easter.