Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Didn't Lose My Breeches After All

Last year when we first planted our little Dutchman's Breeches , it was adorable. I knew this plant goes dormant so I was not surprised when it disappeared. I was concerned , however when there had been some digging activity where it was planted. All I could do was wait and hope that the plant would return this spring. I was so delighted that the plant came back so beautifully.

It was not until now that Ed confessed that last fall he mistakenly dug up the little bulbs that look like pieces of corn. He replanted them and never said a word. He was far more relieved than I was when the plant returned so vigorously . There is even a tiny little baby plant several inches away from the original plant. It's amazing that these delicate looking wildflowers are so incredibly tough. They withstand the worst of weather. Sometimes if they are happy in their new surroundings the manage to increase their numbers.It's a real delight to see this plant doing so well. We don't always get it right. Our trailing arbutus plant that looked so fantastic last fall is looking decidedly dead so far.

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wiseacre said...

I have yet to discover any wild breeches but the Squirrel Corn has leafed out up here. I've been thinking of planting some of their 'corn' in my garden.