Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moving To The Shade Garden

For once it's not some critter digging holes, but Ed collecting leaf mold to provide the top dressing for the shade garden. Several plants were moved there today. Both my pink and white shooting stars were moved in since the flowers were nipped off where we chose to plant them last year. We suspect chipmunks! Also moved was a division the trout plant given to me some years ago. It failed to thrive in full sun where we had it planted.

The wheelbarrow contains the screened leaf mold that Ed has prepared for the shade garden. Yes! There is a flat stone in the wheelbarrow. When you find a perfectly good wall stone under the leaves, you just can't leave it. You have to bring it back to add to your wall stone collection.

The newly moved plant looks happy in its new home already. While working around the shade garden , we saw a new kind of woodpecker for us here. It had a considerable amount of red on its head. We watched it fly away in typical woodpecker style. Three flaps of its wings followed by a glide with his wings tucked in tight . His pointed beak leading the way reminded me of an arrow. We were so taken with the red head and the fascinating flight , we failed to notice the more subtle black and white markings that would have helped us identify this new bird. I certainly hope he comes back to give us a second chance.

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