Monday, July 7, 2008

Egyptian Walking Onions

I love these onions even though they are kind of like a bad hair day. They start out looking like a perfectly normal onion and then the top bulbs begin to grow new plants . Eventually the top part falls to the ground and another plant takes root . I love the sculptural quality of these plants.
They are easy to start just get a couple of the top bulbs to plant and you'll soon have a patch.

A lot of onions grow in our garden. We grow garlic, potato onions, onion plants , shallots, chives and these Egyptian onions. It may seem odd to grow so many, but I use the chives and shallots raw for their more delicate flavor. The red and white onions are sweet , and wonderful for sauteing. The potato onions are a bunching onion. You plant one and get a bunch. They store very well and we can save seed from them to replant next year. Fresh garlic is a necessity for us. I use the Egyptian onions in recipes that call for scallions.

I really was captivated by the onion braid in Michael Caine's kitchen in the movie The Ipcress File. I hope I'll be making some cool braids this year. I'm particularly watching the red and white sweet onions and of course the garlic.

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