Saturday, July 26, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I went out to the garden early this morning with the camera to try to improve on this shot that I took yesterday. Sadly there were nothing but random webs, so I guess my slightly out of focus picture is it. This wire is the support for the scarlet runner beans and the moon flowers. The rectangles are 2 inches by 4 inches. This web is just about an inch in diameter and the spider really is itsy bitsy.

The other reason I was out early was to pick squash blossoms to stuff for dinner. You have to get out there early because they close up fairly early in the day.

Just like in the song the sun actually did come out yesterday. Ed got some mowing done, we froze some green beans and best of all I took a tractor ride to the back meadow. It's an exciting up, down, and all around ride. Imagine a whole field of milkweed flowers complete with monarch butterflies dancing in the sunlight. I even saw several pairs mating. One pair flew right past my nose.

Today looks like another beautiful day so I'm on my way out to the garden before it gets too hot.
First I'll pick my salad ingredients while they are still crispy and get them in the refrigerator . It will be a great day! Fun in the garden and then stuffed squash blossoms with garden salad for dinner. Perfect!

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