Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Moonflower That Came In From The Cold: Part Two

I just had to get a close photo of the nectar in the newly opened moonflower.  The scent was lovely if understated.  I think it travels on the breeze when the flower opens outdoors on a warm evening. I love the pale green star!

The flower is large perhaps four inches or more across.  The texture of the petals and the slightly ruffled edges show up well.  How amazing all this beauty is from a flower that is rarely open for an entire day!

I decided to include a picture of the back of the flower.  It is a view not often seen and it shows the pale green star that is formed by the opening bud.  There are two more buds at the flowers base.

As promised I did take pictures of the moonflower in the full moonlight.  Even though the full moon seemed to flood the room with light, the pictures were a total disaster!  It was  a bit disappointing but the future of my indoor moonflowers is bright!  The next bud is looking good and if you look very closely you can see the tiny green tip on the remaining bud.  If I had my wish Amy would be here to watch that one open!

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